How the FDA Failed Me

We all get wake-up calls in life, especially about our health. Mine came experientially first, and it has changed my life. I had an undiagnosed GI problem, and felt frustrated that no one looked for the cause, determined the problem, or helped to relieve my symptoms. In fact, I later learned that doctors had prescribed things years earlier which set me up to develop this problem! Finally a simple but rarely used diagnostic test focused my attention on  bacterial overgrowth, and I began investigating.

Though this was unrelated to my illness, one day when I was sick at home, I came across some information that changed my perspective forever. I began reading the information provided by the Environmental Working Group at their website “Skin Deep”. I will never forget this day when I learned about the harmful ingredients in almost every product we use on our skin.  I realized that the FDA approved everyday products for safe use which contain known carcinogens, disrupt hormones, and cause birth defects. I thought the purpose of the FDA was to prevent such harm, not promote it!  I was horrified and felt betrayed. Yes, I had been naive, but I doubt I’m alone.

Despite the availability of products which are much less harmful, the FDA has given their stamp of approval to dangerous products, with disastrous consequences. I was shocked that not only powerful drug companies, but federal agencies charged with protecting and promoting public health, could be so deceitful to a trusting, innocent people. Once again, it all comes down to money and power.

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  1. Jan, you said that “I later learned that doctors had prescribed things years earlier which set me up to develop this problem!”. Are you referring to antibiotics? Or is there something else we should all be aware of in advocating for ourselves as patients? I’d be really interested to hear what you discovered, if you don’t mind sharing…

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