Controversy about Statin Drugs for Cholesterol, Inflammation…

As the claims for the benefits of statin drugs proliferate, it is up to us to understand the potential dangers and side effects.  Statin drugs deplete the body’s waning stores of CoQ10, an essential enzyme,  so it’s wise to replace this with a high quality supplement. If you worry about cholesterol levels, look into the benefits of supplementing with high-quality fish oil as well as making lifestyle changes.

While prevention is critically important, there are also ways to help reverse inflammation. These include taking a pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin/mineral, high in antioxidants, eating a low-glycemic diet, and having an active, healthy lifestyle.

See Dr. Christianne Northrup’s enews to read the full article, “Buyer Beware
Statins are not a panacea”.  Visit my Usana website if you want to order supplements or get more information.

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  1. Jack Schewxnayder

    My stomach hurts and is bloated. I also have constipation all due to taking Zocor. I am thinking about quiting this drug.

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