New life-saving treatments in jeopardy

Blue Light Cystoscopy is one of the new life-saving treatments that can reduce the recurrence of bladder cancer and yet decisions are being made by non-medical people, and Medicare beneficiaries are being deprived access. Since bladder cancer primarily affects older people, Medicare coverage is imperative. This treatment will help to reduce the enormous expense of treating bladder cancer by reducing recurrence.

Another excellent tool that is not promoted is Narrow Band Imaging. It helps reduce recurrence of bladder cancer tumors at an earlier stage – before surgery is even needed. It’s so simple – Narrow Band Imaging helps the doctor see tumors better during cystoscopy (in the office or hospital) and can even show where tumors are soon to develop. This could eliminate the need for surgical¬†treatments in the hospital altogether and vastly reduce the expense of treating bladder cancer.

Together these tools could really change the face of bladder cancer. Please help advocate for bladder cancer survivors by clicking below and sending letters to your representatives.


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