Therapy and Consultation Services

I have had the privilege of knowing some incredibly talented therapists and coaches. Several have gone into private practice (mostly in Richmond, VA and a few in other parts of the U.S.), and I’d like to introduce them.

Finally, if you need consultation services for your group or nonprofit, you are in good hands with Elaine Kiziah. Her blog is also highly recommended.

Camille Adams has expertise in working with trauma and substance use.

Annie Rhatigan Herrera is young, intuitive, and a natural psychologist. She is so easy to talk to.

Heather Kay is a gifted therapist who has expertise with healing trauma and medical/ psychosocial aspects of disability.

Claudia Carroll has endless talents. In addition to being a great psychologist (in Austin TX), she paints and has an exquisite voice.

Joy Bressler is a seasoned clinician and has had a private practice on the side for years.

Martha Ann Spruill is LGBT-friendly and a very understanding person. She provides counseling for pet loss too.

Kristen Aycock is a lovely person and a talented clinician in Atlanta GA.

Please look them up and let them know I sent you.

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